Grants Received

Grants received in 2023:

  • IPRF $2773 in January 2023
  • LaSalle County American Rescue Funds–LUCAS Device
  • CARES Grant–Payroll—$65,000.00
  • Dept of Natural Resources Grant—$8940.00 Radios, Brooms, Swatters, rakes
  • Compeer Financial—$4000.00 new Portable Floating Pump
  • OSFM Fire Truck Revolving Loan–$350,000.00 new or used pumper

Grants received in 2020:

  • Compeer Financial $3000.00 COVID Supplies
  • Illinois Public Risk Fund Safety Grant—$1,882.00—Target Solutions Training Program
  • Department of Natural Resources—$10,000.00—towards purchase of 12 new SCBA Units

Grants received in 2022:

  • Safety Grant from Illinois Public Risk Fund in the amount of $2,700.00 to be used towards the purchase of Training Manikins.

Grants received in 2021:

  • Illinois Public Risk Fund Safety Grant–$2642.00 –Purchased 5 SEEK Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Office of the State Fire Marshall, Small Equipment Grant in the amount of $26,000

Grants received in 2015:

  • Wireless head set with portable radio capability purchased through the IPRF Safety Grant

Grants received in 2014:

The Fire District was awarded a $1,246.00 grant from Illinois Public Risk Fund for the purchase of small entry tools.

The following tools were purchased:

  • 4 Gas meters
  • Battering Ram
  • K Tool Lock Entry Set
  • Duck Bill Lock Breaker
  • A Tool Officers Kit

Grants received in 2012:

$500.00 from IDPH used towards the purchase of a laptop and mapping program for the ambulances.

$700.00 from Illinois Public Risk Fund for a safety grant used for a water rescue device.

$700.00 from Illinois Public Risk Fund from a Helping Hands grant used towards two new ambulance cots.

Grants received in 2011:

$7.140.00 from Fairmont Abrasives used for portable radios and extrication equipment.

$8,720.00 from the Department of Natural Resources used for a Gear Washer Extractor, Gear/Hose Dryer, and 5 Mobile Gear Racks.


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